21 Trendy Wood Flooring Ideas & Trends 2022

wood flooring trends 202211Apr
21 Trendy Wood Flooring Ideas & Trends 2022

Market trends and customer needs continuously drive the flooring industry to adapt. In addition to natural materials, rustic textures, and sustainable materials, the future of flooring can bring some exciting changes that will make a major impact on home d├ęcor. Below we have compiled a few of the hottest wood flooring ideas and trends for 2022.

1. Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring has gained popularity and uses in recent years due to its many benefits over solid wood flooring. As you can get multiple planks of engineered wood flooring from only one solid plank, engineered wood flooring is more stable and sustainable than solid hardwood flooring Markham.

2. Hybrid Flooring

Technological advances are transforming the types of flooring in the industry as well. In the latest trend, hybrid planks combine the best of both worlds. It combines LVP with a real wood top layer and solid core backing to provide the many advantages of both. This floor is scratch, stain, and water-resistant.

3. Wide Plank Flooring

Interior design lists have been featuring wide planks for a while, and they will continue to do so for some time. Flooring planks with a minimum width of seven inches open up a room and make a space appear larger and less crowded.

4. Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is yet another durable and sturdy option that is expected to witness a hike this year in flooring trends. The parquet floor is a practical and versatile flooring option that easily complements well with the cold and warm shades.

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5. Smooth Wood Finish Flooring

Wooden floors with smooth finishes will continue to gain popularity in 2022. These floors add a modern appeal and a comfortable feel to your home. Additionally, they also provide a look of uniformity and make your home appear clean and sophisticated.

6. Distressed Wood Finish Flooring

Distressed bamboo and hardwood flooring in Markham are popular among homeowners who want a farmhouse or otherwise rustic look. They exhibit an appearance of age and character that is absolutely in keeping with this aesthetic.

7. Bamboo Flooring

The main reason why many customers opt for bamboo flooring is the fact that this material is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Due to its fast growth rate and self-regeneration, bamboo can be harvested annually without causing any environmental harm.

8. Cerused Flooring

A wood finishing technique known as ‘liming’, also called ‘cerusing’, produces two-toned results by enhancing wood’s natural details.

As a result, wood grain is typically brighter or darker than the rest of the wood, creating a stunning contrast. This wood flooring trend has made a comeback in its popularity over the last few years, and that is not expected to change over the next year.

9. Smoked Wood Flooring

Smoked hardwood floors are characterized by their rich color and grain without the need for staining or aging. The wood is smoked by hardwood and laminate floor installation experts to give it its distinctive appearance. Smoke gives the wood a dark tint, while at the same time adding to the natural grain of the wood. This results in a luxurious and more attractive finish than stained hardwood flooring.

10. Patterned Wood

Patterned wood designs are a great option if you wish to add a unique touch to your home flooring.

11. Worn Wood Flooring

The worn wood flooring trend has been in vogue for quite some time, and its popularity has increased recently.

12. Barn Wood Flooring

A lot of people like the look of Barnwood due to its color variation and weathered appearance. It is worth considering if you are looking for a warm, rustic look.

13. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a wise choice for renovations on an average budget. Laminated wood is a suitable choice for all sorts of flooring. Preparation is required for hardwood and laminate floor installation: an insulating substrate is laid underneath the laminate.

14. Blend it together

The flooring must be zoned in a living room and kitchen that share one wall. Kitchen flooring options include laminate, quartz-vinyl, and ceramic tiles.

15. Reclaimed Wood

A classic look for your commercial or residential space can be achieved with reclaimed wood. This flooring style is one of the most popular this year.

16. Grey Wood Flooring

Grey wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular as a top wood flooring trend in urban areas where minimalistic architecture is more prevalent. Gray is a neutral color that works well with stark whites or dark shades.

17. Whitewashed Flooring

If you’re building a farmhouse-style home, whitewashed flooring might be a good choice. If you have a coastal theme in your home, it will give your home an elegant contemporary look.

18. Greige Flooring

Greige, as the name suggests, comes from grey and beige, and is in the middle of the color spectrum. Despite the fact that the flooring uses only two colors, it is a popular choice for an array of decor options.

19. Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone flooring stands out from other types of flooring coverings due to its unique appearance and design. It can easily be incorporated into traditional and contemporary decor.

20. European Oak Wood Flooring

The unique design of European Oakwood flooring allows for three different cuts within a single plank. Compared to American hardwood flooring, many consumers prefer European hardwood.

21. Rustic Flooring

Stylish and timeless, rustic wooden floors are a great choice for any home.

You can drastically change your living space by choosing the right kind of material. While some flooring types and flooring supplies in Markham can impart a cool, modern feel to a home, others will have a warmer, more traditional effect.

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