Guide to Hardwood and Laminate Floor Installation

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Guide to Hardwood and Laminate Floor Installation

Thinking about hardwood and laminate floor installation? This guide is for you. A home is a place where you spend most of your time, especially post Covid-19. However, everyone wants their home to look beautiful. There is a different sense of feeling when your guests appreciate the beauty of your home.

So, you decorate your home as per your taste and style. Everyone mostly focuses on walls and furniture forgetting their floor. The floor is also an important part of your home. Having hardwood flooring or laminate flooring installed, adds value to your décor and lasts long, is easy to clean and has many other benefits.

Installation of Hardwood and Laminate Flooring in your Home:

Here is a list of things that you would need to go through:

– Inspection:

The first stage of inspection helps decide many factors. The proper measurements of the floor space will help decide the total quantity of flooring required. Secondly, in case of any furniture, the place also needs to be cleared.

– Removal of Existing Floor:

Now the next step is to remove the existing floor. We will have to remove the existing floor. This means we need to remove the carpet, hardwood, or pull up floor tiles.

– Preparing the Subfloor for Installation:

This is a very important step and if this goes right then your floor will look beautiful as well as good to walk on. In this step, we make sure that the floor levelling is right, and if it is not then we do it. It is done by sanding or levelling it with concrete or by laying plywood sheets.

– Acoustic Underlay Installation:

Acoustic underlay is done to make your home noise and vibration-free. It happens when you walk on the floor, especially if it is on the upper floor.

Hardwood Floor Installation:

Here comes the final step that is the installation. Now your floor is ready for the hardwood installation. It is important to know that this method varies depending on the type of floor. However, the most common methods of installation are glue, floating click, or nailing.

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Laminate Flooring Installation:

If you do not want to go for hardwood floor installation then you can opt for laminate flooring as well. This has also been in trend since the 1990s. It gives you a variety of designs and durability.

Since this option does not require sub-flooring, many individuals opt for laminate wood flooring installation, Bowmanville. You can do it yourself but if not done properly the complete beauty of it will be lost. So, just relax and let our experts do this for you. It involves the following steps.

Important tools: It is just not enough to know the installation process. You also need to have the right types of equipment for it. Like spacers, masking tape, underlayment, jigsaw, pencil, tapping block, compass, measuring tape, rubber mallet, table saw, tapping block, hive tool, and so on.

Steps for Lamination hardwood Installation:

First, you need to remove the furniture or existing installation or if you wish you can do it on the existing hardwood floor. Further before installing it you need to leave the laminated hardwood in the room for forty-eight hours to acclimatize it before installation. This will solve the issue of buckling.

In the next step, you need to pull up the existing floor. After this, you need to do the underlayment installation. This will make your home more resilient to sound and will be long-lasting. You should also remember that sometimes the planks come with underlying soundproofing. In this case, you do not have to do the underlayment.

After this, you will have to measure the layout and avoid wasting the material. Now cut the first row. After this, you need to do spacer gaping to fill the space between the planks and leave a gap of ¼ inch. Do the last row installation carefully and then go for cut casings. Now when everything is done reinstall the rim. With this, your floor lamination is done.

Wrapping up

Every house is unique and beautiful but to enhance its beauty you do not just need decorative walls. You also need a comfortable floor that goes along with the décor of your house. You can choose hardwood floor installation or laminate floor installation of your choice.

Whether it is hardwood or laminated floor installation, it is not an easy task. It requires professional skill and experience. Relax and let our experts do this heavy and time-consuming work for you.

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