Stairs Installation

stair installation

Custom-crafted Stair Installation in Scarborough

A staircase is one of the most important elements of architectural beauty. It enhances the beauty of the space, along with ensuring a smoother connection between rooms. Staircases transform the appearance of the space. They acquire more significance in present-day engineering. It has been some time since staircases have transitioned from being useful to being aesthetically appealing. To achieve this enchanting beauty in your house, we provide a complete stair installation in Scarborough to match the architectural style of your house. We create the staircase of your imagination by providing custom-made stairs that enhance the overall appearance of your house.

Our stair installers in Scarborough have enough experience in installing different types of staircases over the years. Each type of stair provides a unique and versatile look to the house. Whatever material you have used for flooring and whatever the texture of your walls, there’s a perfect staircase for different types of designs. We provide stairs of the following types –

  • Classic stairs

We install classic wood stairs that have handcrafted work on them. We have artistically decorated wooden stairs that provide a contemporary look to your house.

  • Modern stairs


We offer modern staircases from custom material that match the material and finish of your floor. Whether you want a marble staircase or a stone one, we have the ability to install all modern staircases.

  • Curved stairs


Our staircase railing installers offer complete solutions for curved stairs from turnkey custom curved stairs to concrete and wood curved stairs for buildings and houses.

  • Glass stairs


We provide premium glass stairs that give a look of luxury to your house. Our team installs glass stairs that are durable and offer an aesthetic element to the entire room.

Apart from these, we also provide straight stars with central landing, U-shaped stairs, L-shaped stairs, winder staircase, ladder-style stairs, floating staircase, and even storage stairs that come with a storage unit below them.

East Can Floor is an expert in installing and stair repair in Scarborough for buildings of all shapes and sizes. From residential properties to hotels and universities, our expert stair installers have serviced different kinds of spaces. We understand the exact design requirements of the area and provide the best stairs to ensure that the place looks beautifully connected. We install multiple staircases in spaces that have several rooms and heavy traffic. Your staircase will be tailored to meet the personal style and design selection. We are industry leaders in custom staircases for properties of all types around the Scarborough area.

Staircase Installation with Streamlined Expertise

We offer high-quality staircases that meet the industry benchmarks. Our engineering standards are one of the best in the market, making us a leader in staircase installation in Scarborough. From installing new stairs to replacing the handrail, we provide services of supreme quality to each and every customer.

Whether it’s a straight staircase or a designer one, we offer the right expertise for this type of staircase. Our team continuously goes beyond expectations in terms of service and product quality. Each staircase we install is tested countless times and modified to meet the image that the customer has in mind.

Why choose our experts for staircase repair & installation

Because we care about how your residential or commercial space looks when the stairs are installed. Our aim is to provide you with the best stairs and services for repair and installation. We offer a catalogue from which you can select the best option you want for your staircase. Our team has received hundreds of positive client reviews who were satisfied by our services. We are popular as stair installers due to the following reasons –

  • Exceptional installation & repair services for properties of different shapes & sizes, ensuring that you never face any problems with the staircase.
  • Affordable stair repair and installation to ensure that you don’t exceed your budget and get the best look for your stairs without any hassle.
  • High-quality, reliable, and durable staircases that you can trust and stay with for years to come without any complaints about the material or installation defects.
  • We comply with the property code and regulations to install staircases that meet the architectural laws and ensure the complete safety of the people residing in the space.
  • Dedicated staircase railing installers and repair technicians who are available on-demand to fix problems with your staircase, providing the best service in the industry.