Flooring is one of the most important aspects of your home. Flooring expresses your personality. We at East Can Flooring do our best to help you choose the right home floor.

Why Choose East Can Flooring?

  • Custom colours, finishes and sheen level
  • A large variety of domestic and exotic species to choose from
  • We maintain stock inventory, which enables us to deliver fast
  • Competitive price


Solid Floors 92%
Engineered 84%
Laminate 82%
Bamboo & Vinyl 76%


East Can Flooring is fully insured, giving top-quality craftsmanship, administration, and dependability. Don’t simply have your floors done, have your floors done right! This implies that a considerable lot of our clients originate from many miles away in light of the fact that they realize that they can just discover these uncommon costs and choices at East Can Flooring, so come visit us at our wonderful showroom and see the best laminate flooring & hardwood flooring Scarborough.



In the flooring business, perfect and professional installation is central to your flooring’s look and life span. If the installation is not done in a professional way, there are large number of things that can go wrong.
EastCan Flooring offers professional installation services for all its customers. Get in touch with us to know more about our services.


Your satisfaction is our guarantee!
We work precisely with our customers to deliver hardwood flooring that gives character to your home.

EastCan Flooring provides best quality service to customers, making your hardwood flooring undertakings a great experience.

Happy Clients


We have a great reputation and immense credibility. We keep up a far reaching stock. Most sold varieties of hardwood flooring is in stock. We are a small business that takes care of all your needs down to the minute detail.

Call us or come in and see us to find out more information!

Certified Workers


We know flooring the best, and are prepared to help you choose what sort of flooring suits your needs. Refer our to frequently asked questions section. Answers to most common questions can be found there.

Give us a Call, or come and see us to find out more information!

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