Hardwood Flooring Pickering

Simplicity and durability are two epithets perfect for summing up solid wood flooring. Hardwood flooring can be installed anywhere except for moisture areas like bathrooms and the basement. Hardwood flooring Pickering instantly uplifts the decor of your home giving it a subtle beauty that can be either old-world charm or modern subtlety. At East Can Floor, we offer solid wood and engineered hardwood flooring in various colors, textures, shapes, thicknesses at competitive rates.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Pickering, ON

Hardwood floors are made of planks milled from a single piece of timber which are kilned or air-dried before the sawing process. People think of solid hardwood when they think of hardwood flooring. They are highly expensive and susceptible to moisture. They provide warm, authentic charm as they are made from solid pieces of wood from your preferred choices. They come in a variety of species:

hardwood flooring Pickering

Cherry: The most popular variety in solid hardwood flooring Pickering, America cherry is the most famous one for its pink and red hues. With a tight wavy finish and complemented by a lustrous finish, it is softwood with lower end photosensitivity but maintains good dimensional stability.

Oak: The Oak is a mid-ranged hardwood known for its traditional warmth, is available in two colors. Red oak is a neutral color in reddish hues, while white oak is pale brown with a grey or pink undertone. Heavy furniture must be placed with pads to avoid scraping.

Maple: Affordable, light color with grain textures, maple flooring is best for homes with children and pets as they are low maintenance, hard, don’t scuff or scratch easily. They are often stained to resemble other species.

Hickory: Average-priced, durable if properly maintained, hickory comes in medium tan to light-brown color with dramatic grain patterns. It is perfect for long cabins and rustic-style homes but they come with high installation costs.

Walnut: Another softwood with dark brown colour mixed with purple hues, it brings out the best in any room. It is lightweight and highly resistant to light damage so you can install them in rooms where sunlight is all year around. But in dining rooms, they should be avoided.

Solid Wooden Flooring

Solid wooden flooring is also available in teak, douglas fir, birch, pine, red pine, acacia, mahogany, Brazilian tigerwood, ebony, poplar, alder, etc variants.


● Look enhancing and adding value to the home.
● Strong, durable flooring with low maintenance.
● Better air quality
● Long-lasting and cost-effective.
● The stains are unremovable.
● Improves acoustic in your home.
● It can be refinished.
● Goes with all decor themes.

Impact of solid wooden flooring in residential spaces

● Residential hardwoods are ¾ inch thick which can be sanded and refurbished, it’s possible only with solid wood.
● Solid wood expands and contracts according to the weather making this perfect for residences as commercial spaces cannot afford maintenance regularly.
● Solid wood flooring is nailed to the subfloor with gaps left at the corners to accommodate swelling, also it can be re-finished 10 times in a lifetime, making the maintenance level higher and perfect for residences.

Solid Hardwood Flooring Pickering

It is created in 7-9 layers with the top layer being 100% wood, mimicking the natural wood patterns.


● Based on the method of installation: This type of engineered flooring comes in tongue and lock edges, glued, pre-glued, click-clocking, staple, nailed down, floating types.

● Based on surface finish
: This type of engineered flooring is available in tile, laminate, wood surface, stone finishes. So choose accordingly based on the theme of your decor.

● Based on texture
: To give the realistic feel of solid wood, engineered flooring comes in distressed, hand-scraped, smooth, wire-brushed textures.

● Based on the pressure applied during production
: This type comes in high pressured engineered flooring (HPL) and direct pressured engineered flooring (DHL) variants.

● Based on thickness
: This type comes in the thin engineered wood board, medium thickness, thick variants.

● Based on plank width
: Narrow plank, medium width plank, wide plank are variants of this category.

Benefits of Mimic solid wood flooring

● It doesn’t expand or contract due to weather changes.
● It is extremely durable.
● It can be sanded to bring back life to it.
● It can be refinished to make the flooring look new.
● It comes in a wide range of species, finishes, and grades.
● As engineered boards are made with plywood, they can be made much wider than solid wood.
● It’s easier for DIY installation.
● It’s highly cost-effective.
● It comes in chevron and parquet variants.

Impact of engineered hardwood flooring in commercial places

● Commercial places are prone to more wear and tear due to high traffic, so they need durable and strong flooring. Engineered hardwood serves this purpose perfectly.

● Commercial buildings are more prone to moisture and humidity so they need hardwood with higher strength so that it doesn’t contract or expand. Engineered hardwood ticks this purpose as well.

● Engineered hardwood in commercial establishments is cleaned frequently using leaning detergents as spillage, mud, sand is common here. You cannot do such cleaning with solid wood.

● Engineered hardwood flooring can be maintained using acrylic impregnated finish or using wax or oil due to heavy foot traffic.