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Best Laminate Flooring Markham, ON

Laminate flooring is an affordable and excellent substitute for hardwood flooring. It mimics the hardwood floor at an inexpensive price and is a good option for people who want shiny and aesthetically pleasing wooden flooring in the house. Laminate flooring Markham consists of 4 layers – the topmost layer is the wear layer that protects the laminate. The next layer is the laminate itself that mimics the hardwood floor and other designs. After that, there is the fibreboard or the plank layer and then there is the final backing layer that prevents any moisture from seeping in and spoils the boards and laminate material.

laminate flooring Markham

Laminate floor material generally comprises resins that are bonded together using pressure. The laminate layer is a high-definition image of the natural product that is mimicked from the hardwood textures. They are appealing and provide a luxurious look at a much lower price than actual hardwood. Laminate flooring installation Markham, is also much easier than hardwood flooring that requires a lot of care and consideration. There’s no need to spend hours preparing the floor to install the laminate – after applying the fiberboard, the laminate hardwood flooring can easily be installed.

Types of Laminate Flooring Markham

Laminated flooring Markham are available in different types of textures, patterns, and designs. Primarily, there are three different types of laminated flooring available for customers.

→ Embossed flooring

The embossed finish adds an extra layer to the flooring that provides a much more realistic look of the hardwood floor and keeps the floor looking good for a longer period of time. It is the closest that the floor comes to a real-looking hardwood floor.

→ High gloss

For a sleek and modern appearance of the floor, high gloss is the preferred choice. It provides a contemporary look to the floor, and it provides an astonishing shine – thanks to the reflective elements. It provides a premium and luxurious look and doesn’t require heavy maintenance.

→ Hand-scraped

The textured design of a hand scraped laminate wood flooring comes with a natural-looking hardwood pattern. It offers a rustic and bold appearance, which gives the feelings and vibes of a countryside house. People who like more traditional flooring can go for hand-scraped flooring.

Apart from this, laminate flooring is available in hundreds of textures and styles. It depends on the finish you want and the ambience and colours in your house. Generally, laminate flooring installation is simple but it provides an amazing look to the entire house.

Importance of Laminate Flooring for Residential or Commercial Properties

For residential use

When families purchase from the best laminate flooring sale, they want an affordable option for their flooring. It is highly durable, which makes it perfect for homes with children. If you are on a budget but still want the appearance of hardwood flooring, then laminate flooring is the best option for you. It provides a premium and lavish look to your house without you having to spend a fortune on flooring. Also, if you wish to change the laminate flooring after years because you need a different style, then it is extremely affordable and you can do that often.

For commercial use

Offices that have heavy traffic and footfalls day in and day out can benefit largely from laminate flooring installation. The stains and spots can be easily cleaned, the floor is durable, which means it won’t require frequent changes, and the maintenance is low. There’s no need for the staff to regularly give it a wash. The surface is scratch and water-resistant, and it is available in multiple textures, shapes, styles, and colours. Therefore, commercial buildings can use laminate flooring and ensure that there is no need to change it for years to come.

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